Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base are located in resources/ path at the root at bilbo2 . There are splitted in three ways:


They are used to train bilbo automatic annotation. This is annotated data used in supervised machine learning algorithms. XML / TEI corpus are available in 4 langages (pt, fr, de, en) for bibliographies references. Only a mixed corpus of french and english is avalaible for footnote.

Externals list

List can be simple or with multiwords, you must specifiy type of list in options:

  • Authors (fullname, surname, forename).
  • Abbreviation (month, page, editor).
  • Journals
  • Place


Models are splited in two ways (in bibl and note directory). There are contains feature templates pattern (CRF++ format), see documentation. Note that we are used crf++ templates with crf-suite for convenience. A script is handling conversion between the both input format.

In note we are used crf and svm model. To svm model see installation and data format documentation in libsvm README.