Make sure you full filled the requirements before going any further.

You can now running the installation of python module with It will :

  • Compile LIBSVM libraries (C++) and install an python binding interface of its library.
  • Install python-crfsuite. A smart python binding to crfsuite.
  • Install lxml, python libraries to process xml document.

Stable version

To install the last stable version on a Unix system, open a console and enter:

git clone
cd bilbo2
git checkout `git describe --tags --abbrev=0`
python3 install --user

Development version

If you wish to install the development version, open a console and enter:

git clone
cd bilbo2
python3 install --user

Uninstall bilbo2

For uninstall bilbo2:

pip3 uninstall bilbo2

For remove and clean your local bilbo2 repositories:

cd bilbo2
rm -rvf build/
rm -rvf bilbo2.egg-info/
rm -rvf dist/

You can use bash script Note that you have to replace the right path to your repository in this script.

Optional libraries

If you have jenkins installed and you wish to make a continuous integration testing, you need to install a optional libraries to generate xml report. It will fit python unittest report to jenkins format specification :

pip3 install unittest-xml-reporting